I am working as a software engineer. But also in my spare time I can’t resist to start coding. This page lists some of my projects.

REST Application Blueprint

This GitHub repository contains an Eclipse project with a blueprint for a REST application. It is build solely on widely accepted open source libraries and allows a user to start developing a software application without first going through the tedious process of setting up a Software environment.

I personally use it whenever I start a little software project. It allows me to get started with coding the business logic within seconds.



BrewWatcher can be used to read and display recipes created with BeerTools Pro on your iPad. The app not only allows you to carry your recipes around with your iPad, but also additionally simplifies your brewing process.  During a brew session, the app will notify you about additions during the boil or the next step in the mash schedule.

BrewWatcher Icon

Feature List:

  • Shows ingredients and the mash schedule of BeerTools Pro recipes;
  • Shows a step-by-step list of work tasks during the mash;
  • Shows a step-by-step list of additions during the boil;
  • Allows to set up timers for the mash schedule and the boil;
  • Shows the next step in the schedule during the mash and boil;
  • Supports recipe downloads by Dropbox.

The app was discontinued in 2014.